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Hi, I am Don Mazonas – your last SEO consultant for your business. I have 13 years of experience in SEO – ranking websites for small businesses or self-employes to ranking big eCommerce websites in financial, gambling and adult industries.

SEO consultant approach

By hiring me as your SEO consultant, you will certainly realise that I am big deal. I have different appraoch than other SEO agencies. Here is how my approach works:

Step 1 – initial contact

I will certainly need to know your website and if you hired anyone to do SEO previously. If you had hired another SEO agency or SEO specialist to work on your site, I’ll be able to see what they have done and see what works and what doesn’t.

Step 2 – initial audits and analysis

Then I will need to run my own audits in 3 aspects:

  • Review current Google Analytics/Search console audits – this step will only be performed if you already have Google Analytis/Search console enabled. Otherwise, I will skip this step. Google Analytics track your visitors – where they come from, their location, age range, where they go on your site which really helps to know more about your audience.
  • Technical SEO – see how your website performs in terms of website speed, responsiveness (if it’s optimised for mobile phones and tablets, etc …). Search engines prefer faster websites therefore, making sure that your website performs optimally.
  • Content SEO – I will briefly review the content and if there are any recommendations. Sometimes, business owners may think that their content is great and that might be true, however, oftentimes, the content is not optimised at all with missing tags that are fundemental elements for SEO.
  • Link audit – I will also briefly review the links that your website currently have and make analysis of anchor text fiversity, follow/nofolow ratio, toxic links, etc …

Step 3: strategy

Based on audits, I will create a thorough SEO strategy that will include website performance recommendations as well as current content and new content ideas. I will also create a proper link building strategy that will increase your website’s authority.

Step 4: execution

I will start working on the strategy. I am not a programmer by trade but I can program. When it comes to technical fixes, I can fix most of the things but if I can’t, you will know it before I start executing the strategy. If I can’t fix it myself I will refer some of my colleagues who I used over the past years.

For content, I am not writer either. I will outsource writing from professional British writers (at no cost to you). Over the past years I have worked with professional British, Australian, American and Candian writers. I will optimised the content myself so it’s search engines friendly.

For link building, I will start working on links myself as link building is my strongest suite. Link building strategies include directory listings, blogger outreach and many more strategies that will certainly help you achieve higher rankings and get a lot more targeted visitors.

Step 5: results and strategy review

At the end of the month we will review the results. In order to judge SEO’s effectiveness, we will need to wait for at least 2 months or so as SEO does not happen over-night. These might seem like slow results but they are solid. For local business, usually 1-2 months is enough to see significant results and increase in organic traffic and revenue. However, if your business is national-level (eCommerce site, for example) then it could take anywhere between 2 and 4 months before you start seeing results.

And then we will review current strategy and make some small changes if we need to in order to accommodate for search engine algorhythm changes.

SEO consultancy costs

Every website is different and each site needs SEO strategy that is tailored individually. I charge £60 + VAT per hour. I require at least 5 hours a month. Some of the sites may require 20 and even 50 hours per month in order to see significant results. If you run a local business or if you are a self-employed, your website most likely require 5-6 hours a month in order to see amazing results.

However, as mentioned earlier, if our website is a national-level eCommerce website, then you might need to spend £2,000+ per month on SEO. Diffirent SEO strategies will be applied – the ones that actually work well with eCommerce sites.

If you are interested in how I can help you out then please do get in touch with me. Due to virus outbreak, we can chat over the phone, zoom meeting or emails.

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Don Mazonas
Hi, my name is Don Mazonas. I have 13+ years of experience in SEO (search engine optimisation). I have ranked countless of websites on #1 position on search engines.