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CreateStudio review and bonus – video creation tool by Josh Ratta

Are you managing a video production department? Are you a freelancer looking for the best video creation tools? Why not consider CreateStudio? This cloud-based video tool allows you to create animated videos to boost your engagement on your website, blog, or social platforms.

CreateStudio is the brainchild of Josh Ratta, a serial entrepreneur with a solid reputation online as one of the best internet marketers in the world. His previous ventures include the likes of Vidello, Vidgeos, Click Animate, and Audio Flow, all of which sold tens of thousands of copies to enthusiastic entrepreneurs around the globe.

In this review, we’ll unpack the elements in Josh Ratta’s latest offering, CreateStudio.

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What is CreateStudio?

Create animated videos and slide animations with one tool designed to make everything as user-friendly as possible. With a few clicks, CreateStudio allows you to use predesigned templates and characters to tell your video story, saving you time and development costs.

Trends show that marketers are moving toward video. The engagement is higher, and according to research, the conversion rate is up to 80% higher. Video is an attractive and sharable medium to capture the attention of your audience.

Compared to other animation video tools, CreateStudio stands out because of its useful features unique to its platform. Some of the key elements of CreateStudio that make it great are:

  • 1-Click animation presets for user-friendly design
  • Edit your videos using the drag-and-drop timeline editor
  • Create and export your videos in any resolution, including 4K, with unlimited exports

CreateStudio is about designing videos to build engagement and conversion. The platform is ideal for creating social media videos, and it’s the best tool to help you attract new prospects to your sales funnel.


This versatile video tool has plenty of other marketing and promotion tools, with loads of useful features. The user-friendly dashboard gives you options for fast-starting your video. You get free access to 50 design templates for your next video, and 20 animated characters to help you tell your story.

CreateStudio makes designing a video easy, and all it takes is a few clicks to start. If you have your script ready to go, then you can knock out your first animated video in a few minutes!

CreateStudio – Pros and Cons

As with every other software program or app, CreateStudio has its benefits and drawbacks. Let’s look at the pros and cons of using this platform.

Pros of Create Studio

  • User-friendly navigation and easy to manage
  • 50 built-in templates and 20-characters
  • Works with standard non-animated video formats as well

Cons of Create Studio

  • Premium features require a paid subscription

Who Can Benefit from CreateStudio?

CreateStudio is a great video tool for freelancers that want to expand their marketing skillset. It’s also a good choice for small marketing firms that want to take control of the video production process.

This user-friendly tool gives you the platform you need to launch a video marketing agency, without the need to spend thousands of dollars. CreateStudio comes with a commercial license included, so you can use the tool to create income.

CreateStudio comes as a desktop app, so you don’t need to be online to use the tool, allowing you to create videos on the move or at locations that don’t have Wi-Fi. Every video you make downloads to your device, and there’s no need to rely on the cloud for hosting your videos.

What Does It Cost?

Typically, memberships for CreateStudio cost $127 per year. However, it the launch price; you get it for $67. That’s incredible value for a complete animated video creation tool.

The downside of the deal is that that membership fee doesn’t include any of the premium upgrades. To get the most out of CreateStudio, you need to take one of the upgrades.


All-Access Pass ($37 per month) – With this upgrade, you get access to the StudioBuilder, with hundreds of animation templates, characters, and new assets each month.

Pro Media Upgrade ($47 to $97) – This upgrade gives you access to millions of videos, images, and audio clips to expand your animated offering. You also get direct integration with other media tools like Pixabay, Giphy, and Unsplash.

Agency License ($197) – Get five licenses for your team members.

Create Studio – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the CreateStudio video tool run on Windows and Mac?

A: Yes, CreateStudio works on Windows desktop platforms, as well as Mac. When signing up, you get the option of selecting your preferred download for your system.

Q: Does CreateStudio work offline?

A: Yes, you don’t need an internet connection to create animated videos on your desktop device.

Q: Do you get all updates included in your subscription?

A: Yes, CreateStudio includes you with all updates to the software for as long as you remain a member.

Q: Can I install CreateStudio on more than one PC or Mac computer?

A: Yes, your standard membership license allows you to install the program on three computers. However, you’ll need to purchase an upgrade if you want to add more people to a commercial license.

Q: Is there a refund policy if I don’t like CreateStudio

A: CreateStudio offers a free, risk-free, 30-day trial of the platform. If you decide it’s not the right tool for you, then you can ask for your money back, and they’ll issue you a full refund.

Q: Are tutorials available for CreateStudio?

A: The member’s area of your dashboard gives you access to all the tutorials you need to start creating animated videos for your next campaign.

The Final Verdict

There are plenty of animated video tools out there. So, is CreateStudio worth it? Or is it hype?

I think that CreateStudio is 100% worth the subscription. The tool makes the creative process seamless and smooth, turning you into a master animator on the first try. You get a glitch-free platform with plenty of value, and with Josh Ratta behind the program, you know it’s a winner.

If you need a high-quality, user-friendly animated video tool, then you can’t go wrong with CreateStudio.

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